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Why are we a such a success story in weaves and braids?

International Beauty Salonof Bowie MD

4331 Northview Drive 
B0wie Md 20716

Flora, the owner and manager of International Beauty Salon & Spa, started braiding and weaving hair at an early age in her native country of Cameroon where the great majority of men women and children resort to braids and weaves as the main way of enhancing their looks and self expression. She learned from the best and mastered how to transform the 

Braids $50 and up to the rolling weave $120, Full Weave and Style $120 only

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nappiest hair into silky, beautiful tresses.  To flora that magic of braiding, that genius of weaving and designing hair, came naturally and held an infinite appeal in her mind. 

Flora had ample time and grounds to practice, and practice she did. By the age of seventeen, her talent soared and she knew that her thirst for new designs and styles could never be quenched: upon her arrival in the United States, she decided to make her innate love for braiding and weaving a profession.  She attended cosmetology school in Memphis, TN and developed her skill of using chemicals to relax and color hair.

Upon graduation, she worked for a salon franchise for a year and gained much needed experience in hair styling and customer service.  In 2005, she opened her first beauty salon in Memphis, TN and handled a strong customer base of over 50 regular customers and a staff of five. She sold the business and moved to MD in 2009 and opened International Beauty Salon & Spa in the same year. Today, 6 years after, Flora's hair skills and exquisite customer service skills has helped her build a strong base of returning satisfied customers. Flora's core belief that each customer has to leave her shop with a smile has enabled her to broaden her customer base. She can now afford to provide her excellent hair salon services at a price that cannot be beat in the Gambrills and Crofton area and beyond.  

On a daily basis, Flora makes sure that her passion, energy and utmost respect for client satisfaction is spread to all braiders and stylists who happily work under her supervision.  At International Beauty Salon, customers are welcome on appointments or walk-ins. There is always enough staff on hand to style, braid, weave, color or do a relaxer, etc. Mrs. Flora opens on Sundays to carter for the needs of her very busy returning and/or new customers.  International Beauty Salon also sells specialized hair product but equally accepts to use original products bought elsewhere by customers.  

The salon boasts of cable TVs and free wifi for customer wishing to use the internet while getting that image enhancing hair style International Beauty Salon customers have rightly come to expect. 

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